Factory audit

Audit is a necessary form of verification, especially for large-scale imports. This is the best form of checking whether the invested money will go to a reliable exporter.

All you need to do is order such an instruction, and we will check the documents, visit the factory and even inspect the goods before shipping from China.

Factory audit

This check includes a visit to the Chinese contractor’s premises. The purpose of this visit is determined by the client. This can include checking whether a factory exists and produces, meeting with a factory representative, looking at documents, downloading customer information, visiting the production plant and assessing the quality of the production system and the manufacturer’s technological capabilities.

The results of the audit are presented in the form of a detailed report, including an assessment of the Chinese company by a BigChina inspector in several areas:

  • current contact details of the company with contact persons

  • official bank details of the company

  • date of establishment and form of business of the company

  • place of production of the goods

  • certificates held

  • company registration documents

  • operating permits

  • export license

  • Factory profile (current contractor data, check documents)

  • Factory organization and order fulfillment process

  • production line and certificates held (tests)

  • quality assurance system

  • supply of raw materials for production

  • research and development (R&D).

In the report, we also present the strengths and weaknesses of the contractor as well as suggestions and advice regarding possible cooperation with him.

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