Our mission

Our mission is to make People aware that import from China is an interesting and profitable type of business, provided, however, that we approach it wisely.

Many years of experience - 15 years on the market

BigChina.pl portal launched on the 1st. December 2006, gaining favor with major media outlets and tens of thousands of people interested in importing from China. With the rapid growth of the service and strong interest from investors, the climate was created for the formation of a company. Thus, the 31st. May 2007 BigChina Sp. was established. z o.o.

We have an Official Partner in China

BigChin’s representative office in China is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Ningbo is one of the largest ports in the world. Our inspectors work all over China.

Having an agency on site in China not only gives you the opportunity to represent you in front of Chinese contractors, but also to conduct activities on site – in China (visiting factories or carrying out goods inspections). Our agency employs Chinese people for whom language skills, Chinese culture and realities are not a communication barrier. Thanks to this, we can easily assess the credibility of potential business partners for our clients.

We also have proven and long-term partners at every stage of import (shipping companies, customs agencies, travel agencies, chambers of commerce, etc.).

We respond to your needs

We serve both business clients and provide tools for people who want to trade with China on their own. Our services are aimed at clients running business activities in various industries in the country and abroad. We conduct training and consultations, as well as publish professional articles on trade with China, which are a knowledge base for people who undertake importation on their own.

We offer proven solutions at every stage of importation

We provide comprehensive services for the entire process, as well as proven solutions at every stage of import: search and verification of Chinese companies, negotiations with a Chinese partner, audit of a factory in China, control of orders in progress and after production, arrangement of transport and customs clearance, organization of business trips, training and consulting.

Our services are very popular and are welcomed by our customers. We successfully carry out dozens of transactions for clients from various industries. Thanks to our actions, we have saved many entrepreneurs from cooperation with dishonest contractors.

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