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Learn the secrets of fruitful cooperation with a Far Eastern contractor.

Knowing the Chinese realities can significantly affect the success of your business.

  • We share experience and practical knowledge
  • We advise how to avoid mistakes
  • We adjust training topics to the needs of our clients
  • We help in negotiations
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Based on extensive experience in dealing with Chinese partners, backed by many years of activity and dozens of completed transactions, we provide practical advice on how to minimize risks in cooperation with the Middle Kingdom.

The cultural difference between Poland and China is huge and is not without its impact on business. China is an extremely difficult market. An undeniable barrier to Polish business is the culture and regulatory system in this country. Ignorance or ignorance leads to mistakes, the consequences of which, often build misconceptions about doing business with the Chinese.

Before importing from China, it is worth learning how to avoid mistakes in relations with Chinese counterparties, as well as the secrets of fruitful cooperation with a Far Eastern partner.

We conduct trainings that provide practical knowledge that allows you to be successful in business with China. As part of individual workshops, BigChina speakers discuss issues related to finding partners in China, testing their credibility, and revealing ways to minimize risk in trade with China.

The exact scope and subject of the training is agreed and adapted to the needs of the company interested in taking the course.

We also act as an advisor and consultant in trade with China. We provide opinions and advice to Polish entrepreneurs who encounter difficulties in relations with Chinese partners. We help in negotiations and understanding with the Chinese side, as well as in resolving conflict situations at every stage of the business.

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