Inspection of goods

Have us inspect your order.

We check the ordered goods depending on the requirements and in accordance with the customer’s guidelines.

  • We reveal problems early in the production process
  • We verify the goods before shipping from China
  • We document the course of the inspection
  • We supervise the loading



It may be to check that the goods are loaded into the container, it may be to run several units, and it may also be laboratory tests. The inspection includes a visit by a BigChina inspector to the place where the goods are stored and an inspection of the goods, assuming the use of various means, methods or tools.

The results of the inspection are presented in the form of a detailed report of the inspection, accompanied by photos of the products and the inspector’s comments.

Pre-production inspection

– factory, production line, components and materials checking.

We can carry out an inspection before starting production, assessing, for example, the quality of the materials that were used, as well as the settings of the machines. At this stage, it is possible to produce a sample and possibly eliminate errors, which eliminates the risk of irregularities revealed in the production on a larger scale, and thus the risk of delays.

Combine pre-production inspection with a factory audit in a single factory visit.


Control during production

– quality inspection.

We check the order after starting the production process (when the order is ready in 20-30%). This could be running several copies, sampling an order, or it could be laboratory testing. Control during the execution of the order enables the evaluation of products, the disclosure of possible defects or errors, which allows for a quick response and introduction of corrections that do not cause significant delays.


Post-production inspection

– acceptance of the order for customer acceptance.

Pre-loading and shipping inspection of the order allows you to check the quality and quantity of 100% finished products. The inspection includes a visit of a BigChina inspector in the place where the goods are stored and checking the goods, assuming the use of various means, methods or tools. The products to be inspected are selected randomly in the amount agreed with the customer.


Loading control

– confirmation of sending the ordered products.

A BigChina inspector may be present during loading at the factory and during the loading of the container with seals. He can also check the shipment’s arrival at the port of origin.

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