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Let us import and you will save a lot of time and money, and most of all stress.

Thanks to our experience, knowledge and accuracy, we effectively replace our clients with import services.

  • We choose the best supplier
  • We take care of the circulation of documents
  • We inspect the goods
  • We arrange transport and customs clearance
  • We consolidate shipments
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import z chin i obsługa importu

Importing requires a lot of preparation that someone who has never imported doesn’t know about. Knowledge of the Chinese market, language and culture is very important. Any goods imported from China must go through customs procedures. It’s not enough to import, but you still need to know what to do to get the goods approved. It is also necessary to know how to solve various emergency cases. We know that.

We select the best supplier, keep an eye on the workflow, inspect the goods, and arrange transportation and customs clearance. By working with people who represent us in China and with tried-and-true partners among transport companies and customs agencies, we are effectively catering to our clients’ import needs.

The service includes:

  • search for Chinese factories producing the desired assortment, compare offers and choose the most favorable option for the importer

  • checking the credibility of the Chinese counterparty arranging samples of goods

  • Contacting the manufacturer on all matters in Chinese and English

  • Negotiations with the exporter on delivery terms, price, additional options

  • Preparing and completing all documents necessary in the import process

  • import consulting

  • Supervision of the import process, contacting third-party companies handling imports, such as a shipping company or customs agency

  • Monitoring of other Chinese exporters, in case a quick change of supplier is needed

  • inspection of goods after production

  • arranging loading, transportation and customs clearance

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